We all tend to spend our maximum time on our chairs while working. Considering this, it is quite evident that the chair must be extremely comfortable to the extent that you do not face any problem while working for prolonged hours. If you are planning to buy office chairs in the near future then choosing an ergonomic chair is probably the best decision that you can make. With an ergonomic chair in place, you are not compromising on both – your comfort as well as health. Additionally, an ergonomic chair offers a wide range of features. Here 5 common office chair adjustments that you get to enjoy as a result of relying on an ergonomic chair.

Tilt with adjustable tilt tension

A chair that boasts of having the tilt feature means that the user can rock or recline backward to a set limit defined by the chair’s mechanism or control plate. In a majority of cases, you would find the tilt tension control in the front. However, these days, one can find the tilt tension control attached to a lever or dial elsewhere on the chair as well. The user can modify the tilt tension adjustment by turning a usually large round knob that is located either in the front of the chair or attached to a lever or dial elsewhere on the chair. The purpose of this knob is to increase or decrease the amount of force needed to make the chair rock or recline backward.

Back height adjustment 

With the back height adjustment feature, the user can position the backrest’s lumbar support area within a fixed range for customized support. Simply turning a knob located on the backrest stem or frame would serve the purpose. As soon as the knob is loosened, the backrest can be raised or lowered to the desired position. Lastly, the knob is tightened to hold the position. These days, Ratchet back height adjustment executive chairs have grabbed attention as they eliminate the use of a knob for adjusting the height.

Seat height adjustment 

An ergonomic indoor chair has a pneumatic cylinder attached to the chair’s mechanism located under the seat cushion. With this, the height of the seat can be raised or lowered quickly and easily.

(2-to-1) Synchro tilt 

If you are planning to buy an office chair then you will be able to make the best of the synchro tilt feature using which the backrest can recline twice as fast as the seat cushion or at a 2-to-1 ratio. An advantage offered to the user is that he/she can recline while keeping their seat relatively level to the floor instead of the traditional “rocking chair” type recline.

Tilt lock 

Evidently enough, this feature allows the user to lock the tilt. Some manufacturers may use levers or paddles, some use a single lever or rod that needs to be pushed in or pulled out to lock or unlock the tilt.

Now that you are aware of the common office chair adjustments, wait no more and buy an office chair that is ergonomic.

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