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5 tips to clean and maintain your office chair

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Irrespective of you working from the office or from home, the nature of a desk job is such that you have to spend hours sitting at one place. Sometimes, the work to be done is so vast that we often end up eating, and/or drinking while finding a file, answering a call, or framing an email. No wonder, why our office chair becomes dirty over the course of time. 

Similar to how we service our cars at regular intervals, we need to clean and maintain our chair in order to extend its life. If you plan to buy office chairs, no wonder you might be in search of good quality affordable office chairs. But what’s the point of all the efforts that are being put in unless you take care of your chair in the best possible manner. That said, have a look at these 5 tips to clean and maintain your office chair that ultimately increases its life.


Your chair is home to a lot of dust particles that aren’t visible to the naked eye. To get rid of this, make use of a vacuum with a wand attachment. Vacuuming at least twice a month would suck up all the dust particles from the chair. Also, you need not worry about how the chair fabric would react to the vacuuming process. This is because the whole vacuuming process is such that it won’t affect the fabric of your chair.

Always look for an upholstery tag 

An upholstery tag has all the cleaning instructions clearly stated by the manufacturer. Following these instructions is the safest and the most effective way of cleaning and maintaining your office chair. The care tags that you find on your office chair have a cleaning code written on them. All that you need to do is read the tag carefully before you begin with the cleaning process.

Cleaning the blemishes or spots 

One of the best ways to get rid of any blemish or spot on your good quality affordable chair’s fabric is to clean it with warm water and a water solvent cleaning product. In the case of a faux or a leather chair, cleaning it with a conditioner would prevent it from drying out. Spot cleaning with water and soap works best for mesh chairs.

Keep your chair away from direct sunlight 

Protecting the fabric of the chair from UV rays is one of the most critical maintenance steps. Direct sunlight dries out the moisture and eventually damages the material. Therefore, make sure to place your chair in the shady area of the room.

Cleaning and lubricating the castors 

One might not notice the dirt and hair that clogs the castors thereby obstructing the movement. It is thus important to clean the castors and also lubricate them before putting them back.  Now that you know how to take care of your office chair, get in touch with the office chair manufacturers and get your hands on affordable office chairs of supreme quality.

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