A dining table with cafe-style chairs brings the entire family together. Be it for feasts or conversations, a dining table serves as the favorite hang-out spot in a house for everyone to catch up. Not to mention how it leaves an impact on the guests when you are hosting a dinner.

Yet, dining room chairs play a massive role in making sure your family and guests are comfortable. Moreover, they also set the tone of your dining space. Because of this, you would like to pay more attention while buying dining room chairs.

Give a little more thought once you are buying dining room chairs and trust us, and they won’t only allow you to boast but also win back-to-back compliments from your guests.

Size of cafe style chairs

Your dining room chairs must fit comfortably around the table. The height and width should be measured. The average chair needs approximately 6 inches of space on either side to allow diners to move freely in their chairs. The restricted area around the dining table may cause your guests to knock elbows and feel cramped.

Narrow cafe-style chairs tend not to sit in for long periods, whereas fewer wider chairs can fit around the table. Dining chairs also need to have enough space behind them to permit guests to freely push their seats back without bumping into other furniture or a wall. Finding the proper balance between size and aesthetics is vital to a nice dining experience.

Dining Chair Fabric and Finish

If you like a mixed and matched look for cafe-style chairs, you’ll need to think strategically about finishes. You want them to enrich one another but not match perfectly. Think about incorporating both one consistent element and one contrasting element. 

For example, we used a different table, side chairs, and head chairs in the dining room above. The table features a whitewash finish, and therefore the chairs have a brushed oak finish. Then we have a totally upholstered banquette with a skirt.

Choose easy maintenance

Your dining chair material can help evoke the moods you would like. Metal can add sheen and lightness. Rattan can render a tropical aura. Wood gives off a warm, organic feel. But each comes with its own set of maintenance requirements.

If you have pets or kids, your dining chairs are bound to face many wear and tear. non-upholstered chairs or those with minimal fabric are ideal in these cases since they’re easy to wash.

Bonded or tufted leather, cotton blends, Sunbrella fabrics are easy to wash and look good. Food stains or drool, or worse, are often wiped off with ease. But if you want to own something in delicate materials like chenille or velvet, buy slipcovers that will be easily cleaned and removed when the need arises. A medium to dark shade is excellent for concealing stains too.

Since wood is the most coveted material for dining chairs, it is essential to remember that wood changes color over time, although it’s easy to clean. 

Also, spillages have to be done away with promptly as they leave water stains. The same goes for glass textures, as they can look ugly with fingerprint stains. And if you’re going for metal, make sure that it’s rust-resistant and can be cleaned easily with a moist cloth.

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