If you’ve been struggling to find comfort in your chair while working for your desk job, it’s now time that you change your chair. A point worth mentioning is that a wrong office chair is an open invitation to ailments like neck pain, back pain, and other similar ailments . Needless to say, a comfortable chair not only ensures good posture but also enables you to work better, thus increasing your productivity. Having said that, which type of office chair to choose, remains a  question. If you are tight on money, then looking for comfortable and affordable office chairs could be your only objective.

No one would want to compromise on health, so choosing the right office chair becomes all the more crucial. Following are the factors that will help you  to consider before you buy office chairs.

  • Adjustable armrest: Armrest relaxes your arms thus ensuring lesser stress on your shoulders and neck. With adjustable armrests, the user can change height and width. This thereby relaxes your wrists and also provides maximum arm support.
  • Height adjustability: An office chair that can change the seat height is as good as a cherry on the cake.
  • Backrest: An office chair with a back wide enough to offer utmost user comfort is one of the most critical parameters to consider. People look for a chair that curves with your body and adjusts accordingly.
  • Affordable office chairs: Contrary to what many people think, it is not tough to find affordable office chairs with good features. A fair amount of research is all you need, and an office chair packed with the features under your budget that you’ve been looking for is at your doorstep.

Talking about which office chair to choose – should it be a high-back office or a medium-back office chair? If the confusion is really bad and hinders your decision-making ability, you are at the right place for we’ll help you get through this. We’ll talk about how medium and high-back office chairs different from each other and which one to opt considering your requirements.

  • High-back office chairs: A high back office chair has a backrest that extends to the upper back. Some High-back office chairs also include a “headrest” – which can be used to rest your head and support your neck. These chairs are known to support shoulders, upper back, lower back and also your neck. The upper back support and headrest ensure that you sit straight more often.

Another feature that makes these chairs stand out from the rest is that they are incredibly comfortable as the material that goes into their manufacturing is of excellent quality. And hence these office chairs being expensive does make sense. However, if you are planning to buy in bulk, then there are many office chair wholesalers who’ll provide you with the best deals.

If you’re someone who’s stuck at your workplace for more than 7-8 hours and have a desk job to handle, then this chair should be your pick.

  • Medium-back office chairs: If you plan to purchase a mid-back office chair, you’ll have to compromise on a few features for sure. Absence of a headrest is one such feature. However, this chair has a backrest that’ll extend up to your shoulder or neck. Supporting your mid and lower back is what this chair caters to in the best possible way.

A medium-back office chair is relatively cheaper than the high-back one and makes into the list of affordable office chairs, without any doubt.

A mid-back office chair can be an option if you are light on your budget and do not have long working hours. This chair offers user comfort for a maximum of 5 hours, making it ideal to be used in meeting rooms, conference halls, etc. If you have tighter working spaces, then there cannot be a better find than a mid-back office chair.

Final verdict

If you are a tall person and / or have prolonged working hours and / or not willing to compromise on features offered, then go for a high-back office chair.

However, if budget is your primary concern and / or have less working hours, then a medium-back chair will live up to your expectations.

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