Office chairs are a really important aspect that decides the health of the people. When buying an office chair, it’s important to think about the various sorts of chair fabrics available within the market, understand the various aspects thereto and then decide how well a specific chair satisfies your needs.

The most popular options of office chairs that are most widely used are mesh chairs and leather chairs. Both these sorts of chairs have their advantages and drawbacks . 

One should weigh both these aspects to understand what is most suitable to consider for the office and we, Amul Polycure the most known office chair manufacturers, will tell you how to decide on which is which.

Let’s begin..

Pros and Cons of Mesh Chairs



Mesh chairs facilitate ventilation which brings tons of relaxation and solace to an individual who has got to spend tons of your time sitting during a day. 
Mesh chairs allow air circulation between the body and the chair seat and back. They allow for  free flow of air thus helping the skin breathe.

Lightweight and Easy Maintenance

Mesh chairs are very easy to maintain and are also lightweight. They have a very minimalistic design and construction and because they are light in weight, are much easier to move around. Besides, mesh chairs are also very easy to clean spills and stains from.



In truth, these kinds of chairs are not very comfortable when used for an extended time, besides they also tend to be abrasive. Some users find that it can damage clothes after prolonged use. The mesh is a man-made material, and some users find it to be an irritant.

Although it is the type of chair that’s more flexible and straightforward to maneuver from one place to another, a user might not feel an equivalent level of comfort with it.


The durability of mesh chairs cannot be compared to leather or upholstered chairs as mesh chairs don’t quite have a durable design. The soft meshes that are used in the mesh chairs conform to body contours and firm meshes that are utilized in the mesh chairs might not be very comfortable over the long term.

Pros and Cons of Leather Office Chairs



A leather office chair is one among the main investments that any company would make in order to create a classier, snazzier workplace environment. The class and distinction that a leather office chair exudes can be quite like no other office chair type. 
Want the office decor to look elegant, prestigious, and powerful – Get it all with the leather chair!


When it comes to comfort, it’s tough to match the feel of leather. Its soft and smooth texture is unmatched by other materials.The richness and the cozyness that a leather chair offers is not just exemplary but also quite incomparable with other office chair types. 



A leather office chair may be a costlier option compared to other office chairs but the investment is really worth it as it lasts for long. Besides, the look and feel that leather chairs offer can’t be obtained with other furniture.

Though, the initial cost may be a bit higher but if you compare it with the rich, luxurious feel and durability it offers, well, it is worth the spend.

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