Did you know that working adults in India work for an average of 47 hours per week? Which means that the typical working Indian adult spends 2,256 hours a year at work in their office chair according to Office Chairs Dealers in Chennai. Our office chairs get tons of use! At Amul Polycure, we place great importance on your office chair fitting you, facilitating good posture, all while looking good in your office.

Day after day, week after week, you head to work and sit at the same desk in the same chair—whether you’re employed from home or in an office. You and your office chair are one, an unbreakable team that works closely together. The only other piece of furniture in your life you sit on more is your couch and/or bed. It stands to reason that something you spend such a lot of time on should be comfortable and in good condition chosen for you by office chair manufacturers. You wouldn’t tolerate a lazy coworker not pulling their weight, right? Don’t expect anything less from your chair. Concentrate because you’ll be missing the signs that your office chair needs replacing with Office Chairs Wholesalers.

Soreness in the body

The most obvious sign that you just need a brand new office chair is your body screaming at you in pain. In truth, our bodies weren’t designed to sit prone in the same position for long hours. Pain is the biggest indicator that your chair isn’t the correct for you. If you are feeling pain in your back (upper and lower), shoulders or neck, it’s time to go shopping. The correct chair will allow you to sit effortlessly and comfortably for extended periods of your time without feeling any aches or pains.

Lack of lumbar support

If your chair’s backrest is non-existent or doesn’t provide good lumbar support, it’s time to throw it out. Why? Because when there’s no lumbar support and the back is bent forward, the muscles of the rear force the lumbar region out of its natural curve, which ends up in reduced blood supply to the spinal tissues due to pressure on discs. The almost constant contraction of the spine results in three terrible health problems: muscle fatigue, stressed discs and pinched nerves.

Damage to the Chair or Parts

This is probably the most obvious reason you should replace your desk chair. When something breaks, most of the people don’t get to ask, “Do I want a brand new chair?”

Of course, a chair that has fallen apart into several pieces is going to be more noticeable than a chair with minor damage.

Loose or stuck wheels are a good sign that your task chair may have to get replaced. If you find you’ve got to push harder to roll across the ground and the wheels won’t respond to our motions then it may be time to replace your chair with a brand new chair from Office Chairs Dealers in Chennai.

The Chair does not feel Right (Office Chairs Dealers in Chennai)

Sometimes there isn’t any scientific reason to switch a task chair. It could boil right down to something as simple because the chair just is not feeling very comfortable.

That is even as good of a reason to switch your task chair as any of the other reasons above. consider how many hours per day you’ll spend sitting in this chair. People spend tons of cash on beds because they spend such a lot of time sleeping in them; choosing the correct chair is simply as important because you’ll spend almost the maximum amount of time sitting in your chair.

A chair that’s perfectly ergonomic for one person might not be right for another person. you’ll not love your current chair and, at the same time, you’ll not have a clear reason to exchange it. hear your body; it knows best whether or not your chair is true for you.

Replace your office chair every five years

The last point is probably the most controversial of all. But Office Chairs Dealers in Chennai recommend that your ergonomic chair should get replaced every five years. Now is probably the most important to go, especially when data shows that on the average people use the same office chair for 15 years! Why is it so important to vary your chair regularly? Well, a replacement chair will stop you slouching back into your chair, a common occurrence once the cushion and support on your old chair are no good.

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