When we go to choose an office chair, we usually tend to consider how ergonomic the chair is. However, as soon as you buy your first chair, you learn that ergonomics is not all that there is to a good chair. When you work in the office, you know that your body and clothes will be in contact with the chair for a long time. Many people in fact do report itchy skin, just from sitting on their office chair.

Well, there is no need to worry about those kinds of cheap, boring chairs because at Amul Polycure we offer you only the best office chairs with the highest quality as we are the top rated Office Chairs Dealers in Chennai.
We at Amul Polycure, offer you a variety of office chairs with the finest quality that is consistent and in line with our reputation of being the best office chairs manufacturers.

Here’s a rundown of the materials we use so as to ensure a durable, comfortable, ergonomic chair. Let’s start with;


This is a common material that is used in the making of the best office chairs. It comes in many grades and styles. It is extremely easy to clean and in some instances, can even last a lifetime.

Chairs used on the factory floor tend to attract a lot of dirt and stains. Thus, it’s always recommended to use vinyl.

The main disadvantage with this material is that it gets quite hot in summer so if you are looking for breathability, then vinyl is not what you want.


Fabrics are usually chosen for their softness and color/pattern varieties. They come in different assortments made from many different resources, such as cotton, spandex, or hemp. Regardless of the type you choose, fabrics do bring a world of endless stylish possibilities as they’re not only available in a kaleidoscopic range of colors, but can also be printed with any design or pattern you can dream of.

Do remember though, fabrics are susceptible to spills, so you’d want to avoid eating or drinking at your workstation.


There is no replacement for leather. It oozes luxury from every pore. It looks incredibly good and is easy to maintain. There is no doubt that among all the upholstery fabrics for office chairs that are available in the market today, leather is the most classic of them all. Classy and sophisticated indeed, leather upholstery may however cause the price of the chair to go higher.

However, as good and luxurious as leather is, it might not be the best to have on your office chair especially if you sit for long hours on end. It is not as breathable as the mesh chair.

Thus, if you have a job that requires you to be seated for long hours, we suggest you get the mesh chair. That will offer you more breathability and aeration, and it will enhance your comfort at work. Do also note that leather can start showing cracks if you do not take good care of it. 

If you would like office chairs that impress your clients and give a very professional look to your office, well, we got you covered, we offer the highest grade leather chairs compared to other office chairs dealers in Chennai. So  do make sure to check them out.


The most important thing about mesh chairs for the office is that they give you enough airflow when you are working. This is a very important comfort factor.

But aeration is not the only important thing about using a meshed chair. It also looks good. So, you can count it as a triple win because you will get a chair that is ergonomic in design, has great breathability and at the same time, enhances your interior décor.

When you are in a seated position such a chair, you will see that it conforms to the shape of your body easily as the mesh tends to be flexible. This is what a good chair is supposed to do! It is supposed to conform to the shape of your body, encouraging the spine to maintain its natural curve.

There are different types of meshes available for the office chair. One of them is the nylon mesh – however, the negative aspect of nylon mesh is that it causes abrasions on your clothes. So, if you are keen on getting yourself a nylon mesh chair, get on that has a softer mesh. 


Plastic chairs are available in a wide variety of colors and color patterns; they are easy to clean and rather durable. Unfortunately, low-quality plastic chairs may crack if they fall.The elegance of plastic furniture is not comparative with other materials as pure plastic furniture tends to look cheap and less attractive than its counterparts.

However, one of the advantages of plastic furniture is its environmental friendliness due to the fact that it is recyclable. The other side of the coin though, is that it is environmentally unfriendly as plastic is non-biodegradable.

Well, there you have it. We’ve given you a comprehensive rundown on the pros and cons of different materials used in the making of office chairs. Over to you now.

Go ahead, make a choice and book your finest, elegant and affordable office chairs right away from the leading and the most trusted office chairs dealers in Chennai.

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