Adjusting your office according to your comfort can increase productivity. If you adjust your office chair it will change the angle of your hip joint while seated. The angle of your hip joint is the perfect way to manage the degree of curve in your lower back. When you sit properly, muscles such as your quadriceps and hamstrings work properly thus protecting you from back pain. Chiropractors stress the importance of adjusting your office chair to the height which will comfort your back. Adjusting your chair in the proper position will prevent muscle fatigue and numbness. There are many office chair manufacturers and Office Chairs Dealers in Chennai. Most of the office chair manufacturers provide you with a guide which will have tips on adjusting chairs when you buy Office Chairs from them.

Too high and too low results in extreme pain

In any office environment, a person should be comfortably able to reach their keyboards. If your feet don’t touch the floor when you are seated you are prone to extreme joint pain. In the end, you will get musculoskeletal disorders. Your knees should not be higher than your hips while you are seated. This is not good for your hip joints. Even the chair shouldn’t be below. This will result in lower back pain. A chair with an adjustable seat resolves this problem. Many office chair manufacturers send in-house servicemen to set the chair when you buy.

Your arms should be set in a perfect position too

Adjustable arms are as essential as an adjustable seat. If the arms are too low, you will end up leaning to the side to rest your forearms. This will result in a very awkward posture ultimately leading to neck, shoulder and back fatigue. If the arms are too high, you will raise your shoulder in a very unnatural position. This way you will get extreme muscle tension and fatigue in the neck and shoulders.

How to adjust your chair height?

Step 1

Stand in front of your office chair. See how well the seat touches your knees. You should adjust the seat in such a way that it should touch slightly below your knees. Doing this will help you in getting a perfect 90-degree angled posture. This will also help you in putting the desired amount of pressure on your thighs ultimately making your knees stress-free. Many office chair manufacturers suggest this step follow first when you are starting to use the chair for the first time.

Step 2

When you sit in the chair, your feet should stay flat on the floor. Suppose your feet or not flat, then you must adjust your chair. Also, check your desk height while adjusting. This way, you will know whether it’s best to lower your chair or get a footstool to put under your desk. Understand that your feet should stay flat, be it on the floor or a footstool.

Step 3

Always adjust the backrest of your office chair using the tilt mechanism. This will help you in getting the proper lumbar and upper back support at your chosen height. The back setting you choose should feel like the chair is cradling you but not forcing you into any seated position that is making you uncomfortable. 

Step 4

At this point, when you are seated, you should be able to rest your arms easily at a right angle on both armrests. If they are not at the right angle, adjust the armrests in such a way that they form perfect support for your elbows and forearms to rest.

Step 5

Some people work in a less traditional office workspace and they can’t work from a chair that’s set in the same position. Those people can keep changing their chair height according to their point of comfort at that time.

Hope the above-mentioned steps help you in setting up a chair that will be very comfortable for you when you work. These steps are to be minded so that your chair will be set up perfectly, ultimately giving your body the proper support when it’s time to take a break from standing, leaning or sitting in it for a while.

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